Reason #4 The wicked will be 'ground into powder'.

Luke 20:17-18 17 And he beheld them, and said, “What is this then that is written, ‘The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner?’ 18 Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.'

Jesus IS that Rock. He’s the One the builders rejected. He’s the One who will become the Head of the Corner or the Chief Cornerstone.

The Father God has committed all judgment to HIM. That is the responsibility of Jesus now, because he lived the human life and now knows what it is like to be human and made of flesh and bone. Pain is now in his memory, not just in his imagination.

Everyone who falls to him or on him shall be broken like a wild stallion is broken, tamed and thus becomes useful and helpful. Unless he is broken, he’s no earthly good to anyone. He’s just roaming around wild and unable to improve himself or his lot in life.

Jesus will be King of kings and Lord of lords, but he is also the Judge of all the Earth. If I reject him and refuse to the bitter end to have him reign over me, he would do what any good Judge does. Judge righteous judgment, not seeking his own will, but that of the Father which sent him into the world.

If I reject God and the life he has in store for me, I would then be rejected by him and be condemned to die the Second Death. This is permanent death, not eternal life in conscious torture in the flames of Hell fire.

This Judgment would be swift, just and merciful. I would quickly die in the ‘Lake of Fire’ and thus remain dead and unconscious for all time to come. I would be gone and forgotten, surpassed by the passage of time, and fade away into the forgotten past, oblivious to anything said or done in the lives of the living.

Who wants that? Not me!
I would be ‘ground to powder’, turned into ashes under the soles of the righteous for all time to come.

God in his mercy will not torture the unrighteous in an ever-burning Lake of Fire. Once all the condemned are burnt up, the fire will itself die out, as would their memory. Only their reputation would live on in ignominy.