Here's my Update for Tuesday, January 12, 2021:

God knows what is best for America and for me. Billy Graham once said that if God doesn't punish America for its sins, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. 

This makes a lot of sense to me. We had President Trump for four years who worked harder than all the other presidents I have lived under, going all the way back to Truman.​

I thought he had earned the right to be in office another four years. We all prayed for him, voted and watched as he campaigned, gave many speeches and endured the constant barrage of persecution from the lustful left. They envied his charm and charisma, and his power to get things done.

Many of us contributed our time, talents and treasures for the cause, only to be disheartened and disappointed, to say the least. Maybe now he can retire to Mara Lago and get some rest.

What do I expect going forward? Trouble to increase. Food shortages, higher taxes, less freedom, more virus outbreaks, more tragedies and deaths.​​​​

​​Tyranny will destroy America. Our children better be more careful about their choices. ​​

​On the brighter side, it means the return of our Lord and Savior is coming sooner to put down ALL other governments, stop war, turn munitions and weapons into plow shares and farming equipment and at long last, establish world government with Jesus as King of kings.

Meanwhile, as Christians we must become ready to face persecutions as did our great President and Jesus himself, who promised the same for all of us followers. No pre-persecution Rapture is coming. We can​​ count on that. It is he or she who 'endures to the end' that will make it.

Here's a couple links to help us endure our tribulations:​​

​​FOUNTAINVIEW ACADEMY on YouTube. Here's a link to get started:

Also how about a return to innocence? If you want to see some, subscribe to the videos of this Mennonite​​ (?) family singing old hymns:

Thanks, Elbert​​
Elbert (Earl) Hardy