Here's my update for Monday, April 4, 2022:

Supply chain interruptions, food shortages, empty grocery store shelves, another Covid strain coming, World War 3 threats and dangers here at home are challenging our peace of mind. Yet, those of us who hold our Savior dear still have peace of mind because we know God's got this.

​That is, he knows the end from the beginning and he will act on our behalf. So he removes fear.

So, what is the way to peace the world cannot seem to find? The answer is so simple, but certainly not easy: Love your neighbor as yourself. It's so hard to achieve because both parties must be of the same mind for it to last.

God is bringing a total regime change to our planet. It will be called the Kingdom of God​. He is coming here to live forever on our planet as many scriptures say, such as Rev. 21:3, Ex. 29:45-46, Lev. 26:11, Ezk. 37:27, Ezk. 43:7-9, Zech. 2:10-11and Isa. 57:15.

He will not allow his planet to be destroyed completely by WW3. But unfortunately for us Earth dwellers, ​​it will sustain heavy losses. However, God is coming to restore and take charge of planet earth and its lousy governments.​

Is war coming to America? Are we loving our neighbors as ourselves? Certainly not. Instead we bully, lie, kill people who stand up to us, steal their lands and resources and grow more corrupt every day, seems to me. That is no way to peace.​​

So, now we face the due reward of our sins as a nation and we can no longer rely on our government alone to see to it we can get food and water.

So, I suggest we all garden and learn to eat what we grow for i​f we don't garden today, we may not eat by tomorrow.  Plant before every meal; someone did!

​It's getting that serious. Buckle up. Judgement will eventually come here. 
We must learn from our Master and soon coming King of kings.​​ He knows best and we can learn to love our neighbors. May God help us. His return is as sure as the rising of tomorrow's sun.

Stay close to him, for we should live by every word he said, for that IS reality. It's the ONLY way to peace.



Elbert (Earl) Hardy