Here's my update for today, Wednesday, November 10, 2021:

What should the Church be teaching and doing to prepare for Jesus' return? Is it preparing for the Pre-Trib Rapture or for the coming Kingdom Jesus is coming to usher in?

Jesus told us he​ would be coming 'when least expected.' But if the Church is expecting to be raptured ahead of his return, then it cannot be 'unexpected'.

What if he doesn't come when the Church expects it? They will give up and fall away. Jesus wanted to alert the Church to this.

Today the Church is so weak,​ it can no longer stand, let alone walk or work. It will die the death that way!

In Matthew 24:29​ Jesus said that the sun, moon and stars will be darkened and no longer provide light as we know it. Then the 'powers of the heavens' will be shaken (disrupted).

​​Without sunlight and rain, there can be no weather, crops or drinking water. All life on Earth would go extinct if Jesus does not come to the rescue. But he said that 'those days will be shortened for the sake of his chosen ones.'

He will come when least expected. Hold on to him and never let go!

It's like we all are on the Titanic and we know our Mother ship is​ going down and we have no way to save ourselves. We need our Rescuer to come in time!

Stay close to him, for we should live by every word he said, for that IS reality.​​​​​



Elbert (Earl) Hardy