Here's my update for Friday, April 21, 2023:

​​Will the war between Russia and Ukraine end well for anyone? The best we can hope for is that it stops soon. Russians are mutinying Putin's war and people are rioting in the streets, protesting.

​​Turkey, being a NATO member, refuses to let Russian ships into the Black sea because they control the only port possible to get into it. So they cannot use their warships on Ukraine.

It is said Putin does not look healthy so maybe this war has been hard on him physically.

Russian war implements are said to be old and out of date and supplies of ammo are dwindling. They seem to be in over their head.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's president keeps receiving billions in subsidies from the US as our currency is being replaced against the will of the people. Bitcoin has yet to prove itself worthy of our trust, yet the government seems ready to force it on us within this year.

Our hope, as Christ followers, is not in man's silly ideas of what the world should be, but in our Savior King and Kinsman, Jesus. He alone can and will fix it all and usher in permanent peace.​​​​​​​



Elbert (Earl) Hardy