Here's my update for Tuesday, February 1, 2023:

​​I hope you are praying for the situation in Atlanta with the Police and those trying to destroy, kill and loot downtown. We must restore Law and Order in our country.

Unfortunately, the entire word is now in turmoil as well. Israel was attacked by terrorists again over the weekend, leaving many church members dead.Trust in Jesus for he is our only hope.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Australia, ​​​​Korea, India, and almost every other country in the world is experiencing the same. Add to that the facts of life about food and water shortages, droughts, floods and earthquakes.

Our world is quickly coming to the point Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24​:21. He speaks of an unprecedented time of global distress and trouble. It's getting worse and worse.

We need Jesus to fix our problems, because we do not know how to fix them.​ He told us he would be back and he does not lie!​​



Elbert (Earl) Hardy