Here's my Update for Saturday, November 18, 2017:

Thank God for your prayers for our President Donald Trump, Melania his wife and Mike Pence and his wife Karen as they are in a very dangerous position.

​​As you may know, they have many enemies who wanted them 'off the scene' by Nov. 4th. Those people hate God and those who follow Him.

​​They want the 'Trump/Pence regime' to fall and are planning violence against them, inciting paid rioting and protesting. They seem to be trying to start a Civil War. Shame on them! May God foil all their plans!

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I want to bring clarity and reality about things not being taught in our churches these days, namely Bible Prophecy.

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Thanks, Earl

PS Please pray for our Pastor's wife, Bonnie as they are on vacation in Ohio and her new medications are making her puffy looking and she does not feel good. He is diabetic, has high BP and her liver and kidneys are starting to fail. Thank you.
Elbert (Earl) Hardy