Here's my Update for Monday, April 8, 2019:

Jesus predicted we'd see famines around the globe in the Last Days. We fortunate few who were born in America, do not want to believe it will ever happen here. I believe it will.

What to do about it? Grow your own food. If its going to be done, you will be the one to do it.

I like these 2 sayings: 'I only plant on days I want to EAT!' and 'I plant something before I eat anything!'

Do this by finding organic non-gmo soil made by microbial life, beetles and worms​​​​ eating organic matter and then leaving behind rich black soil. This is what plants love and thrive on. Keep it covered from sunlight using ground up paper (rather than shredding), keep it moist, not soggy. Never let it get exposed to sunlight; never let it get dry. Maintain about 85 degrees F. Observe your plants twice daily. They will say so if they are un-happy. Keep them happy. 

They are your food. They are sacred, meaning God given. Be thankful enough to return God's favor, by planting.

Jesus also warned us to be ready. May we all do so!​​

Elbert (Earl) Hardy