Here's my Update for Thursday October 18, 2018:

WARNING! Stable adults only!​​

Jesus​ is the only One who can save our planet, our only home. He is our only Hope, not any politician.

​​According to the Bible, humanity is on track to destroy itself. We thought we knew better than God, it seems.

We are not listening to the Bible, or God's warnings. What's your take on Isaiah 24 & 34 for example? God is not kidding. He wants us to be ready when he gets back.

​​Do you think God will rapture us 'out of here' without going through any trouble or persecution? Jesus told us our enemies would be they of our own household.​ (Please read Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21)

​God is
justifiably angry with all nations, for we are going to nuke it out in the Middle East. We humans are going to make the streets of the Middle East (Idumea in the KJV) run with burning pitch.

That's asphalt, which is made ​​of crude oil with some of the hydro-carbons evaporated away. That will leave a thick, black tar which can and will burn potentially at millions of degrees, emitting dense black smoke into our atmosphere and cannot be extinguished. 

​​Hundreds of Oil wells and processing plants will be exploded into many lakes full of oil. These lakes are the craters left behind by the bombs. 

​​These lakes will be sparked ablaze by the blasts causing them to emit massive billows of black oil smoke replacing our clean clear air with toxic black air we cannot breathe. One lung full of that will prove lethal.

What a mega-disaster this will be... No weather. No rain. Instead, Fire storms. No crops. No food. Chaos everywhere.

​​Darkness getting worse every day. Global super heating. Global earthquake. No ice at either pole. Islands submerge as oceans rise. This is just a few. That is how dangerous our world has become.

The good news is that we have a Savior who owns the Planet. He is personally invested heavily here. He alone is able to put out the fires, eliminate the smoke and restore our planet. ​​​That is precisely what he will do. (See Isaiah 11 & 35).

Thank God for caring so much to provide our rescue to come!

Elbert (Earl) Hardy