Here's my Update for March 21, 2018:

​​​​I invite you to subscribe to my Bible Prophecy Radio Podcast where each week I will present something you may never have heard before about Bible Prophecy.

I want to bring clarity and reality about things unfortunately not being taught in our churches these days, namely Bible Prophecy. I suppose they don't want to 'rock the boat' with the bad news.

But it is not all bad. Jesus is coming again and this time to become the King of the world. He will fix all that is wrong in our world.

War, violence, hatred, greed, lying, hidden agendas, corrupt politics, the medical industry malpractices, food industry lies, disease, drugs, starvation, chemical agricultural poisons, seed monopolies, many other hideous ill-willed practices and even death will be conquered once and for all by Jesus starting at his return. Now that is GOOD news!

That's an idea worth spreading and it's what I talk about on Bible Prophecy Radio ( my podcast). You are invited and encouraged to listen.

PS Please pray for our Pastor's wife, Bonnie. She still is getting better and less and less dependent of medications, but still needs prayer. In my view, drugs are poisonous and dangerous.

​​Sometimes they may be necessary, but I think they make matters worse, not better. Our bodies are self-healing if we give them the food they need, along with exercise, rest, sleep and sun. Please pray for them.

​Thank you,
Elbert (Earl) Hardy