Here's my Update for Friday, May 10, 2019:

Sometimes we must all face the fact that we have to confront evil where we find it. When we do let's let them feel the wait of who we are and let them deal with it. 

This even applies to relatives and loved ones. Evil must be called out and confronted.

As evil increases, as it surely will, we must stay close to Jesus, close to our loved ones and even more importantly, close to our enemies. We must care enough to learn how and what they are thinking.

We shall know them by their fruits. But we need to be as kind as possible, under the circumstances; a fine line tight rope to walk.

It's called tact. Personally, I'm not that good at it. Truth seems much more valuable and worthwhile.

God willing, I will learn from Jesus, our finest example.​​​​​

Elbert (Earl) Hardy