Here's my Update for Friday, February 15, 2019:

Mankind will finally learn this lesson: without God, we have no future and no life. This lesson will be indelibly stamped in the minds of those who live through the coming days of the 'end times' and those who will die from them. War in the Middle East will be over the resources of Israel and which of their enemies will get them. But in the process of the conflict, they will destroy themselves. Israel will loose about 2/3 of its people. The rest will survive.

​The battle will spill over into Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq, causing the lethal nuking of the oil fields. This will destroy all life on the planet, as said Jesus himself in Matthew 24:22, down to the last human.

​That is how the lesson will get indelibly stamped on everyone's mind. It sets the precedent for all time to come. The smoke alone will destroy all life,let alone the unbearable heat, roaring seas, disappearing islands and falling satellites.

We will tell of it to all future generations.​ We will tell how we lost billions of lives because of it. We will tell of how mankind was delivered out of this mess by Jesus, the Almighty King.

​So, the good news is that we have a Savior who owns the Planet and paved the way for us to inherit the permanent life. He is coming here to bring it and rescue us from ourselves. He is personally heavily invested here and is determined to restore it.

​He alone is the One and Only One who is able to put out the fires, eliminate the smoke and fix our planet. ​​​That is precisely what he will do. And he will RESTORE (See Isaiah 11 & 35) all things. Of course, that is except for sin, crime, greed, envy, violence, war, sickness and disease, all corruption and deceit of any kind. He will rule the planet with a loving iron rod.

That is the true good news, the Gospel. It's that we have such a great Savior who will come and save us and bring his Kingdom. We will be with him there for ever! Stay close to him and win!
Elbert (Earl) Hardy